V.E.C employs a fundamental, bottom-up, research-intensive approach to stock selection with the ambition of creating a portfolio that is dynamic and uncorrelated.

Our investment universe is across market capitalizations and the portfolio invests in all sectors and industry groups. The firm's investment philosophy is as follows:

  • Focus on pedigree of people managing the business
  • Longer term investment approach
  • Bottom-up approach to stock selection
  • Benchmark independent
  • Target quality companies at attractive valuations with significant upside potential
  • Diversification is key, both by market capitalization and sector
  • Emphasis on good corporate governance

Our flexible and opportunistic approach to investing in the Indian market and commitment to being active in many of our investments are core to our strategy. Our emphasis on areas with limited competition, particularly in small to mid-sized companies, our global experience, and willingness to take advantage of new opportunities in specialized segments of the small cap space are essential tenets of our approach.

3 Tier Process