About Us

Welcome to V.E.C Investments

V.E.C Investments is an independent, partner managed investment management firm focused on the Indian equity market. With the goal of providing “best-in-class” investment vehicles, V.E.C uses a proprietary, bottom-up investment style to search for and filter through exciting opportunities across the listed India equity investment universe.

The strength and experience of our team, a deep understanding across multiple cycles for companies, and the extensive network of relationships cultivated over twenty-five years in the industry, are distinguishing competitive advantages for our firm.

What does V.E.C stand for?

When we chose the name of our company, we wanted it to reflect our investing style, how we think about deploying capital as well as the importance of running an investment company in a transparent and ethical manner. Hence,

  • 'V' stands for Value
  • 'E' for Ethics which is the foundation of our business
  • 'C' for Contrarian

essential elements of our investing process.

  • To build a world class investment organization with in depth expertise on India.
  • To have a clear focus on fundamental research and long term thinking to generate superior returns for our investors.
  • To work as a partner with the management of our investee companies to help them go to the next level.

Our Principles

Clarity in Process

We are deep value / contrarian investors and look to buy businesses at discounts to their inherent asset value / growth rates.

Simplicity of Selection

We look to buy easy to understand businesses at different stages of their growth life cycle. We are agnostic to size.


Volatility is our friend in markets like India and we use it to our advantage. This is a given in India and can help enhance returns.

Relationship Focus

We aim to build a close working relationship with our set of companies and provide help and guidance where we can especially in emerging companies.